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Vaginal Dilator for the Prevention of Vaginal Stenosis

Vaginal stenosis is a common late complication of radiation injury caused by cervical cancer treatment. It is characterized by the narrowing or shortening of the vaginal canal, which is often detrimental to the quality of life of those who develop this medical condition. In order to address this problem, a vaginal dilator system capable of expanding the vaginal canal was designed for the purpose of preventing vaginal stenosis in cervical cancer survivors following pelvic irradiation. 

Surgical Site Localization with Skin Printed Markers for Pain Management

Chronic back pain is the leading cause of non-fatal health loss and disability globally - in 2017, there were 577 million people globally with back pain. Current medical treatments for chronic back pain involve the use of fluoroscopy (x-ray) machines and/or very expensive tracking systems to help physicians alleviate the pain. Our research aims to develop an inexpensive augmented reality navigation system that uses non-invasive skin markers and does not require the use of radiation.