Dr. Talke began his career at the IBM Research and Development Laboratories in San Jose, California, in 1969. He joined the department of Applied Mechanics and Engineering Science at UC San Diego in 1986.   Prof. Talke holds an endowed chair in the Center for Memory and Recording Research. Dr. Talke made important contributions in tribology of magnetic recording systems and in the development of a prototype drop-on-demand color ink jet printer.  He performed pioneering studies in applying laser Doppler vibrometry to hard disk drives, and in studying novel lubricants and additives for the head/disk interface. More recently, Dr. Talke has become interested in medical device technology.  With his students, he is studying 3-D printed disposable endoscopes and the design of a MEMS-type miniaturized intraocular pressure sensors for implantation in the human eye.  In addition, research efforts are under way on miniaturization of internet enabled ophthalmic instrumentation, esophagus deflection devices, detachable bronchoscopes, and biofilm retardant catheters.


Dr. Gerrit Melles

CMRR Visiting Scholar

NIIOS Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery


Alex Phan, PhD

Project Scientist, MAE


Karcher Morris

Graduate Student Researcher, MAE

Brian Yu

Undergraduate Student Researcher, MAE

Rafaela Simoes - Torigoe

Undergraduate Student Researcher, MAE

Matthew Kohanfars

Graduate Student Researcher, MAE

Grant Barclay

Amrit Singh

Undergraduate Student Researcher, CS

Levente Horvath

Undergraduate Student Researcher, CS

Undergraduate Student Researcher, MAE

Benjamin Suen

Engineering Aid


  • Oren Gotlib, Materials Science, M.S., Graduated 2019

  • Youyi Fu, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, PhD, Graduated 2017, Engineer at Apple

  • Young Seo, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, PhD, Graduated 2017, Engineer at Apple